Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time To Get Educated.

No-one wants to be that girl. Who fell from grace in a most spectacular way. This is a movie with so much more than a broad moral message, it is directly aimed at young girls who are all too eager to become young women. Although lead male, Peter Saarsgard, can now easily be seen as sleazy for seducing a girl nearly half his age there is no doubt that these men still exist- they just change their spots. However, watch closely because 'watch out for 30-year-old men that give lifts to girls with cello's' isn't really the message of this film, it comes home with a very strong point about... Well, I can't really give that away. You'll just have to watch it and see! 

And if the storyline isn't up your alley at least watch Jenny's (Carey Mulligan's) style transformation. From cute, but conservative schoolgirl to full-fledged 60's style icon who belongs in gay pa-ree, all helped along by the gorgeous, but rather slow Helen (Rosamund Pike).

For every girl that has ever dreamed of moving to Paris I highly recommend AN EDUCATION by Lone Scherfig.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Office, be coloured!

Coloured blazers? Whether your a yay-er or nay-er (?) 
They're here to replace the drudgery of office black.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The MARCS campaign

 Shirt (supre), Coat (2nd hand), Lace Dress (Boutique), Boots (K-mart), Ribbon bow-tie (spotlight)

The look below is what I was trying to emulate. I tend to get stuck into style ruts with fashion and so I look to fashion magazines and advertorials to help me out. Some may call it cheating, but it is one of the easiest way to try something new without the $$ cost of a personal stylist.  

 **me trying to awkwardly, I think I should just stick to the fashion.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shepherd's Delight

Do you know the saying 'Red in the morning, shepherd's warning. Red at night, shepherd's delight.'? I heard there's a similar one for sailors. Anyway just thought I'd share this lovely sunset with you, taken from my bedroom window. See, Australia isn't that bad !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New and Second-hand.

Stripe Cardigan+Scarf (Harris Scarfes), Faux Leather Shorts (Chic-a-booti), Boots (K-mart)

Went to the beach with my friend today (she just got her licence!) and couldn't help but make a visit to the Red Cross 2nd Hand Store which is alongside the beach. They had a half-price sale and I got the White Slip for $3.50 and the dress for $2.50 ! ! The dress is a bit raunchy, being leopard print, but I hope I can play it down with a scarf and tights for daily use. The bag was from the Sportsgirl sale. It's ponyhair, nuff' said.

Also went to this new ice-cream store where you make it all yourself. Are they common in other states/countries?? It was very nice with cool flavours like green tea and lamington, but it's so easy to over indulge! It ended up being quite pricey...

I tried to be healthy by topping it with fruit, but soo much ice-cream...