Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time To Get Educated.

No-one wants to be that girl. Who fell from grace in a most spectacular way. This is a movie with so much more than a broad moral message, it is directly aimed at young girls who are all too eager to become young women. Although lead male, Peter Saarsgard, can now easily be seen as sleazy for seducing a girl nearly half his age there is no doubt that these men still exist- they just change their spots. However, watch closely because 'watch out for 30-year-old men that give lifts to girls with cello's' isn't really the message of this film, it comes home with a very strong point about... Well, I can't really give that away. You'll just have to watch it and see! 

And if the storyline isn't up your alley at least watch Jenny's (Carey Mulligan's) style transformation. From cute, but conservative schoolgirl to full-fledged 60's style icon who belongs in gay pa-ree, all helped along by the gorgeous, but rather slow Helen (Rosamund Pike).

For every girl that has ever dreamed of moving to Paris I highly recommend AN EDUCATION by Lone Scherfig.


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