Sunday, July 1, 2012

New and Second-hand.

Stripe Cardigan+Scarf (Harris Scarfes), Faux Leather Shorts (Chic-a-booti), Boots (K-mart)

Went to the beach with my friend today (she just got her licence!) and couldn't help but make a visit to the Red Cross 2nd Hand Store which is alongside the beach. They had a half-price sale and I got the White Slip for $3.50 and the dress for $2.50 ! ! The dress is a bit raunchy, being leopard print, but I hope I can play it down with a scarf and tights for daily use. The bag was from the Sportsgirl sale. It's ponyhair, nuff' said.

Also went to this new ice-cream store where you make it all yourself. Are they common in other states/countries?? It was very nice with cool flavours like green tea and lamington, but it's so easy to over indulge! It ended up being quite pricey...

I tried to be healthy by topping it with fruit, but soo much ice-cream...

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