Monday, June 25, 2012

Focus Trend: flower POWER ! ! !

This overdose of florals is something I've been seeing for quite a few seasons now, but where it was once an accent it has now taken centre stage. It's clear that the main point for this seasons floral is to avoid an overdose of poodles and cupcakes by adding dark lips and messy hair. It's like the flowers have been dropped on the ground and gotten rained on, even a bit muddy. It's flowers x grunge. 

*note the dark lip and rather wild looking florals

I think the best way to buy into this trend would be a floral blazer (like the one by CO Exclusives-listed above) it's impact florals, while toning down the femininity with strong shaping. That, plus a dark lip and your ready to go!

Images from Cotton On Exclusives, Bardot and Google images. 

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